Bang, the darkness was instantly illuminated and the universe expanded.  Light instantly pushed the edges of the universe growing in every direction.

Cosmic expansion balanced by extreme gravitational forces pulling inwards to points of singularity.  The universe in flux and finding new equilibrium.

We seek moments where we can create light in the darkness and radiate our surroundings.  Hidden expressions of the lost, found, and those who seek warmth.  With the press of a button...a flash of light captures, flames erupt, the sky becomes alive, burning images into perpetuity.

Inspired by a beautiful face, frozen in time by the flash of ignited propane...SuperNovaPhota

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Flash Kaboom Fizzle Giggle...Flash Kaboom Fizzle Giggle, What is that you ask? 

As you watch your friends grin, glee and glow like they are watching an astronomical event, flames sear their images into the camera.  With each shutter snap, SuperNovaPhota launches fire into the sky. 

This portable portrait studio uses fire strobes for unique flame portraits.  Best to find us during our scheduled times to partake in this experience.  These images are for you, to enchant and delight.  Be part of the journey.

If you have made it this far, then the universe is still in flux.  Send a note and let me know if you are looking for an image.  

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